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Hogwarts Legacy
Early Access for Hogwarts Legacy pre-orders of the Collector’s and Digital Deluxe editions of the game on PS5, Xbox Series X and PC is now live. You can hop into the game right now and start playing. Hooray!
It really is a fantastic game and I can’t wait to write up my impressions once I get further into the Wizarding World adventure and hear what you all think of the RPG as well.
In any case, I noticed something this morning when I went to play the game on PC (I’m also playing on PS5). In my Steam account, despite pre-ordering the Digital Deluxe version of the game, the Play button was greyed out. I wasn’t able to play! Did I pre-order the wrong version?
I checked my receipt and no, that wasn’t the case. I paid $70 for the Digital Deluxe and it was 10am PT already, so what gives? (You’ll want to make sure you got the Digital Deluxe version also!)
Well, it turns out there’s a simple fix. Simply exit Steam and then load back in. Once you do this, the Play button will be green and you should be able to load right in without a problem. If this doesn’t work you can try:

If none of this works, you’ll need to contact Steam Support unfortunately.
Update: Looks like a lot of people are having issues. I was going to link to this reddit thread, but it’s been deleted. Seems some things on both Steam and Warner Bros’ ends were screwed up with this Early Access. Still digging into it to find out more. Stay tuned . . . .
In any case, the game is great and so magical. I’m loving every second of it. You can read all about the game’s download size, PC requirements and more right here.
If you’re still on the fence about the game, I’ve uploaded Part 1 of my playthrough which you can watch in the video below:
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