Can I Change the Keycaps/Switches On MX Mechanical Keyboards?

Key Takeaways

  • Most keycaps on Logitech’s MX Mechanical keyboards can be replaced with standard MX keycaps, but the wider keys won’t fit.
  • The switches on the MX Mechanical keyboards are not hot-swappable. They can only be replaced by de/re-soldering, which is a risky procedure.

Logitech’s MX Mechanical—and its “Mini” sibling—are the maker’s first productivity-oriented mechanical keyboards. This type of gadget usually has replaceable keycaps and switches, so you may be wondering if that’s also the case for them.

In case you don’t know, most mechanical keyboards come with removable keycaps. You can replace the stock ones by buying sets with new materials, flashy colors, and different fonts, while also ensuring greater durability for your device. Many go even further and feature hot-swappable switches—the part of the key that presses onto the board—with varied levels of resistance, noise, and tactile feedback.

Is It Possible To Change Keycaps On MX Mechanical Keyboards?

The short answer is that, for the most part, you can replace the keycaps in both the regular MX Mechanical and the Mini model. They use removable parts with a standard MX format. There are, however, two points to consider, which may be deal-breakers for you.

The first one is that you’ll need to check if the keycaps fit vertically into the switches. Standard MX keycaps, either high or low profile, should work. However, higher models with non-standard stem heights won’t go all the way down when pressed. Stems are of the same height in both the regular MX Mechanical and the Mini versions.

closeup of the brown switch on logitech mx mechanical mini keyboard
Sarah Chaney / Review Geek

The second one is that some keys themselves don’t follow standard sizes. Some larger ones—Shift, Enter, Backspace, and so on—have wider stabilizers than most keycaps. The exact unfitting keys vary depending on the size (regular or mini) and layout (ISO or ANSI).

A great place to look for information on keycap sets that fit the MX Mechanical is Reddit. Users reported being able to use caps from companies like Keychron and Nuphy, with varied levels of success. One exception in all cases is the spacebar: Logitech’s key has a 6.25u width, which isn’t uncommon. However, the stem positions are different from the ones used by any other manufacturer.

Are Switches On the MX Mechanical Keyboards Replaceable?

Logitech MX Mechanical brown switch in middle of keyboard.
Marcus Mears III / How-To Geek

The switches on Logitech’s MX Mechanical keyboards aren’t hot-swappable. Therefore, I don’t recommend that you replace them at home. It is possible to remove the switches from the board and solder new ones. However, this procedure isn’t without risks, and should be done by a professional.

MX Mechanical Keyboards Can Be Customized (To a Point)

Logitech is widely regarded as manufacturing great productivity gadgets, and that’s not by chance. If you value personalization over anything else, though, these specific models likely won’t be your first choice.

Both MX Mechanical models are among our recommendations for the best mechanical keyboards, and the Mini is the best portable mechanical keyboard we have tested at HTG to date. However, they’re mainly work-oriented, so the removable keycaps are a happy accident thanks to these keyboards using standard switches.


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