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Players will be happy to know that several enjoyable games on Steam can be experienced without paying a dime.
It can be quite overwhelming perusing the Steam online store for a new video game to add to one's library. It can become especially stressful when money is part of the choice, as many desirable games on the platform can be expensive when not on sale. However, Steam also has a nice selection of games that are free to play.
However, some free-to-play games on Steam might not satisfy hardcore gamers, while others might seem too complicated for easy entry. Nevertheless, there are plenty of games to choose from that, complex or not, will show any video game fan a fun time. These games available for free right now on Steam's store are the ones that'll make players the happiest.
Originally released in 2015, Emily Is Away is a tribute to the old days of online communication. The entire game is set in an instant message browser on an old Windows XP computer, where players interact with the faceless Emily via chatroom. The text-based game features several different endings based on the player's choices.
The game has received two sequels, Emily Is Away Too and Emily Is Away <3, the latter of which was released in 2021, but both of which cost money. However, for the free fake chatroom experience, the original Emily Is Away would be a great place to start for any player who will enjoy sinking hours into a virtual interaction.
Viridi might seem like a cop-out on the Steam free-to-play market, considering it's a virtual potted plant simulator. However, its purpose is more than other video games. As implied by its Steam store description, Viridi is best when kept in a second window on one's computer screen and periodically watered and taken care of.
In fact, many places like The Huffington Post and National Geographic have acclaimed Viridi for being actually educational on plant maintenance. Plus, at the end of the day, it's a calming and relaxing experience that fans often can't get from other games. Players are certain to be smiling every time they check in on their favorite potted plant.
At first glance, Goose Goose Duck seems like a game similar in tone to indie games like Untitled Goose Game, though it's much more familiar than that. Goose Goose Duck is essentially a rip-off of Among Us, where players control geese working in a space station who must complete their missions while trying to find out who among them is a duck.
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The game works pretty identically to Among Us, although its changed aesthetic involves geese, combined with the ability to install mods. Overall, it makes for an enjoyable experience, especially for older players, since some have complained that the popularity of Among Us online has led to the presence of too many younger players.
There's nothing better than a silly game that incites chaos and laughter among groups of friends. In One-Armed Cook, players operate a single arm as they try to satisfy a restaurant full of customers. It can be played co-operatively with up to four people, which will maximize the hilarity that ensues when all four of them are crowded in a kitchen together.
For players who have grown tired of the content in its free-to-play version, One-Armed Cook also has three add-on packs that expand restaurant locations to bars, cruise ships, and even outer space. Overall, it's a fun, light-hearted time where the players can't really do anything wrong.
Overwatch 2 was initially released to mediocre reviews, negatively contrasting it with its 2016 predecessor and critiquing its numerous technical flaws. Furthermore, it faced ardent review-bombing from fans, particularly in response to allegations of sexual harassment at its company, Blizzard. However, the core of Overwatch remains a fun online shooter.
Though the game requires a account to play, it's currently free-to-play on the Steam store, thanks to Fortnite forcing every other online shooter to compete with them. The game also features a paid seasonal battle pass system, which allows players earlier access to newly-added heroes, though older ones like Tracer, D.Va, and Hanzo all return, too.
RuneScape was originally released in 2001 and quickly caught on as one of the biggest fantasy MMORPGs. Like any MMORPG, the game consists of players who can customize their avatars, take on quests, and level up through experience. The game has continued to grow over the years, but some fans are nostalgic for the early days of the video game.
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Thankfully, Jagex has them covered with Old School RuneScape, which is available to play for free on Steam. Although there is a subscription service to access all the game's content, the free-to-play version has enough content to make any player's afternoon. For many players, getting to replay their childhood video games in their original form is delightful.
There are few non-Super Smash Bros fighting games that have as much content and replayability as Brawlhalla. Originally released in 2017, the game consists of over 50 playable characters, including popular video game characters like Rayman, Ezio Auditore de Firenze from Assassin's Creed, Simon Belmont, and Shovel Knight.
Though the DLC packs containing additional content add up to over $100 worth of content, including unlocking all the characters for $39.99, the free-to-play version is still a thrill to play. Even in 2023, over 100 million people are still playing Brawlhalla, meaning for no money at all players can join a thriving and active online fighting game community.
It simply doesn't get simpler and more enjoyable than The Sims. The lifestyle simulation franchise began back in 2000 for PC and has continued into 2023. The latest title in the series, The Sims 4, was released almost ten years ago in 2014 but has remained active and enjoyable through downloadable expansion packs adding in pets, vacations, and jobs.
Currently, the base game of The Sims 4 is free to play on Steam, meaning players can immediately start building their homes and families. Though the latest expansion pack sells for $39.99, several previous ones go for way less at $4.99 each. However, there's plenty to do in the base game without having to pay a single dime.
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