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Farlight 84 is a colourful, free-to-play, third-person shooter battle royale that features everything you might expect from a game in the genre but also some unexpected fun. Not only are there 14 unique playable characters, each with their own skills and abilities, but there are also armoured vehicles that turn into battle mechs and jetpacks to enhance combat and manoeuvrability. It’s clear that Farlight 84 takes inspiration from other MOBAs, hero shooters, and battle royale games, but it also adds its own character and visual flare.
Farlight 84 is free on Steam.

Green Reaper is a hack and slash puzzle-platformer that tells the story of an anthropomorphic rose that has to save her greenhouse from an infestation of malicious mushrooms. Again, playing from the perspective of a rosebud — albeit one blessed with godly power — makes an otherwise small space seem like a vast, dense jungle. Green Reaper stands out for its beautiful scenery, surprisingly fluid animation, and solid visual storytelling, while the verticality of the greenhouse adds a fair bit of up-and-down variety to the gameplay.
Green Reaper‘s refreshingly short story can be played for free on Steam.

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The premise of IndependANT is similar to that of games like It Takes Two and Hypercharge, but instead of miniature middle-aged parents or action figures, you play as a worker ant on a quest to survive after the collapse of her colony. You must explore the vast expanses of the living room to claim food and learn what it takes to be a lone ant. IndependANT‘s gameplay is fairly basic, but its charming perspective and simplicity are what make it fun to play.

 ndependANT doesn’t take itself too seriously, so you’re going to encounter some cheesy puns and odd dialogue throughout the game’s 30-minute play time. The short run time and relaxed nature also makes it a great option for small kids.
IndependANT is free on Steam.

One of the common drawbacks of battle royale, hero shooter, and MOBA games is their propensity for pay-to-win mechanics, but Caliber receives a lot of praise from its player base for handily missing those pitfalls. Caliber also takes an interesting approach to balancing its gameplay. By forcing teams to have one player of each class, it levels the playing field somewhat and puts the emphasis more on tactics and communication than anything else. Players can choose between four classes: Assault is something of a generalist flank class, Support is the tank of the lot, the Medic is self explanatory, and the Marksman is a long-distance damage specialist.
Caliber has a number of game modes, including a PvPvE mode, and a growing list of maps. It’s also important to note that the game has been in beta since 2020, but launched officially in April 2023, so there is a dedicated player experience, and bugs should be infrequent. Play Caliber free on Steam.
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