3 Travel Accessories You Don’t Want to Leave Home Without

Packing for a trip can be stressful. These three helpful accessories can make packing easier, whether you’re traveling for work or fun.

Traveling can be fun, whether you’re going on a vacation or visiting a new place for a work trip. One thing that is never fun about traveling, however, is packing. Do you have everything you need? Will your luggage fit in the overhead compartment? Does the tech you’re traveling with have lithium batteries?

With so much to worry about when preparing for a trip, anything to alleviate the stress is helpful. These three inexpensive travel accessories will make life easier.

An Organizer to Keep All Your Cables Packed

fyy cable organizer

When I’m getting ready to travel, I always manage to forget one of my cables—usually an extra USB-C cable, or that pesky proprietary charger I need for that one suddenly very important device. Even if you can work around a missing cable, packing them is often a mess in and of itself, with wires getting tangled with themselves and somehow wrapping around everything in your carry-on.

The solution? A small cable organizer that can hold everything, like the FYY Electronic Organizer. This particular organizer is small, but it easily holds a lot of cables and other small items you’ll always want on you. Throw in some USB-C cables, a wall wort, and some Ethernet cables, and you’re good to go. The best part about a pack like this is that you can pack it with extra wires well in advance, and all you need to do is keep it in your suitcase. You won’t even need to worry about packing it when the time comes!

fyy electronic organizer
FYY Electronics Organizer

The FYY Electronics Organizer is small but roomy, with plenty of space for a variety of cables. Pack up some USB-C cables, wall warts, or anything else you need, throw it in your suitcase, and never worry about forgetting wires again.

A Travel Router

TP-Link AC750 in travel bag

A Wi-Fi router meant only for traveling might seem a bit extraneous, but we’ve all dealt with the dreaded ‘hotel Wi-Fi‘. A travel router can help a lot with the frustration hotel Wi-Fi usually brings. Better still, these routers are small, so it’s no hassle to pack one in your laptop bag.

The main advantage of a travel router is that you can use the router solely to log into the hotel network, so you don’t need to access and log into all of your devices individually. You should be able to use it whether you need to connect the router with an Ethernet cable or as a hotspot, and there are a variety of other factors you need to consider when picking a travel router.

But, you can skip all the research and pick up the TP-Link AC750 Nano Travel Router. This router is small, offers everything you need in a travel router, and is only $40. You can’t really beat that.

tp-link ac750
TP-Link AC750 Wireless Travel Router

$35 $40 Save $5

Why deal with bad hotel Wi-Fi? Pick up TP-Link’s inexpensive travel router and enjoy better internet when out of the house.

A Smaller Power Bank

anker nano

You might be looking at this and think that you already have a great power bank for traveling—and you may! But it’s still a good idea to consider a very small power bank that’s easy to use. While bigger power banks will have more juice in them, they’re also heavier and more cumbersome, and who wants to deal with that when running between airport terminals or when it’s in your carry-on when you’re in the window seat?

A small power bank like the Anker Nano Power Bank is far more manageable with the general chaos of traveling. This portable charger is built to fit right on the bottom of your smartphone, with a retractable USB-C port to make powering up your phone extremely easy. No charging cable is required! It’s also small enough to fit into your pocket in between uses, so you don’t need to fish it out of your luggage.

5,000mAh isn’t the highest capacity power bank around, but the smaller battery size is well worth the trade-off for convenience while traveling.

anker nano charger
Anker Nano Power Bank (Type-C)

Anker offers a small charger with a built-in USB-C charger that is perfect for the general rush and chaos of travel.


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