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These Steam games are pretty big.
With the evolution of technology in the gaming world, games' graphics and quality of life features have improved substantially compared to a decade ago. But, with improved technology comes bigger file sizes to be able to fit everything into the game.
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Patches, updates, and DLC can also contribute to bigger file sizes, and since those things are very commonplace now, you'll most likely have a bigger game in a month than you did on day one. Some games in particular really ramp up the file size to the point where it's ridiculous. Here are some of the worst offenders on Steam.
Updated May 4, 2023 by Jouanna Bondakji: Thanks to the ability to update games even after release, there will always be games that have huge file sizes. Even if they started a certain size upon initial release, they can easily balloon up to a surprisingly massive extent. And then there are remasters of games you loved that were previously stuck on obsolete consoles. Getting whole remastered collections is awesome… until you realize that multiple games in one package means that much more storage space taken up. Basically, adding to, updating, and packaging games into one collection is a double-edged sword. There may even come a time when having an HDD is pretty much a necessity.
Destiny 2 is a first-person shooter with some RPG elements, including different classes to choose from, as well as skill trees to upgrade. But no matter your class, you're a Guardian whose job is to protect humanity from alien invaders.
Online free-to-play games usually have many big updates added to them over time, and this one is no exception. It offers multiple expansions for you to go through, which enrich everything from story to gameplay. However, if you want to experience them all, you're looking at it taking up 102.6 GB in total on Steam. And even without the DLC, Destiny 2 is still a bulky game at 87 GB.
The Mass Effect games are some of the most iconic ones in the sci-fi genre of gaming. You play as a commander leading a team in a futuristic tale of war and betrayal. One of the series' main strong points is how the story and characters' fates change based on the choices you make throughout.
Needless to say, the Mass Effect series is worth playing, and Mass Effect: Legendary Edition gives you the first three games plus their DLC. But with three games and their DLC packed into one bundle, there's inevitably going to be a huge file size. Legendary Edition is 120 GB, which is even bigger than the original three games combined. But that's because it adds technical and graphical improvements, especially to the first one.
As you may have guessed, Microsoft Flight Simulator lets you simulate flying planes (and other airborne vehicles like jets) around the world. It's extremely realistic, making for a pleasantly immersive experience if you're looking to try your hand at flying. It even has weather conditions that will affect how you navigate your plane.
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With a game like Microsoft Flight Simulator, it makes sense why it's so big. The world is huge, after all, and this game offers the ability to see virtually anything in it. Its file size starts at 127 GB, but that could (and probably will) go higher as it downloads and updates real world data to make what you're seeing as accurate to life as possible.
Halo is such a big franchise that it can rival Call of Duty in terms of popularity. Playing it is a no-brainer if you're into first-person shooters, especially when they're set in a sci-fi world. The Master Chief Collection allows you to experience six entire games, making it quite the bargain.
You can save money on sales with this collection, but unfortunately, you can't save your storage space. If you want to have every campaign in all the games and be able to play on multiplayer, it'll cost you approximately 137.8 GB. The good news is that you can install one game at a time within the bundle, so it won't immediately eat up all the space on your PC.
Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond being a VR game might be part of the reason it takes up a file size of 177 GB. It's a first-person shooter game set in World War 2. Besides shooting at enemies, the game promises jumping from planes and swimming from sinking ships.
If war games are your thing, it could be worth experiencing in a virtual reality setting. The experience is bound to be more intense with VR. Just know that the file size is so big that you may have to delete some other things just to try it out.
Final Fantasy 15 is a JRPG focusing on Prince Noctis and his friends taking back his kingdom and discovering the truth behind certain events. With all the DLC, the game is around 110 GB. It makes sense when you consider that the graphics are realistic and detailed, and it's an open-world game with lots of content.
If you opt to download the 4k resolution texture pack that Steam offers as well, the file size jumps up to around 160 GB. If you're thinking of giving the game a chance, keep in mind how much space and time it'll take.
If you ask most people, Red Dead Redemption 2 is more than worth playing. But you should definitely keep in mind the fact that it takes up around 120 GB of space. It's an open-world game set in America during the Wild West era. Cowboys are always cool, and the game brings that time period to life.
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With all the content you have in terms of the main story, side quests, and NPCs, it's no wonder the game's file size is so huge. Not to mention the realistic graphics and elaborate animations for even the smallest things.
Like its title says, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is a first-person shooter set during the events of the Cold War. It's also a sequel to the positively received Call of Duty: Black Ops. If you're interested in experiencing the Cold War as a soldier, you need to be okay with a file size of 175 GB for the game.
Whether it's because of the maps, assets, or lack of compression, the game is huge. That's not all; if you want the best graphics the game can offer, the size goes up to a whopping 250 GB. This one game can take the place of multiple smaller games, so make sure it's worth it.
Borderlands 3 is a first-person shooter with RPG elements. It features quirky humor and even quirkier weapons. The Director's Cut offers a few extras, like more side missions and a look behind the scenes. With all the DLC, the game totals to around 135 GB. Though the graphics are more stylized than realistic, the textures are still high-res, contributing to the giant size.
There are also a lot more sound effects for weapons than in the previous Borderlands games. Basically, Borderlands 3 is a perfect example of more little improvements making a larger file size. Alone, they might not be much, but together they make a big difference.
Black Ops Cold War isn't the only Call of Duty game that takes a massive chunk of your hard drive space. To be fair, the free-to-play Warzone bundled with Modern Warfare accounts for some of that 235 GB. Excluding Warzone saves you some space, but if you're interested in both games, you'll have to make a lot of room for them.
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The game didn't start at such a high file size (though it was still pretty high at over 100 GB). However, patches and updates have made it balloon up to where it is now.
As its name suggests, Ark: Survival Evolved is a survival game where you must gather resources, craft items, and build structures in order to sustain yourself. What's unique about it is that you can tame a variety of different dinosaurs to help you in your survival. You can even work with or against other players.
The game has a bunch of expansion packs and maps, but they contribute greatly to the huge file size of around 400 GB. Even if you delete some things, you could still be looking at a game that takes over 200 to 300 GB of space.
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