The Best Camera Bags of 2023

While there is no one perfect camera bag that will work for every photographer, there is one out there that will work for you. We’ll cover some of the best camera bags you can get your hands on here.

UPDATE: 12/19/2023

We’ve reviewed our recommendations and updated our picks for the best leather camera bag, sling bag, and camera bag for travel.

What to Look For in a Camera Bag in 2023

A camera bag is often one of the first items photographers need to buy and an essential camera accessory. But with so many options on the market, it isn’t easy to narrow down the best photography camera bag for you.

First, consider what you shoot. Are you a street photographer, or do you mostly shoot weddings? A street photographer will probably need their bag on them at all times, so they’ll need something easy and light to carry around. A camera bag for a wedding photographer is more about getting gear from point A to point B, so a bigger, more cumbersome bag is fine so long as it fits everything they need.

What’s your camera setup? DSLR shooters will need more room in their bags than people with a small mirrorless camera. A wildlife photographer will need something that stands up to the elements and can fit the massive zoom lenses that are often necessary to grab that perfect shot.

Also, something to keep in mind is that not every camera bag is a backpack. There are also messenger bags, sling bags, and bags that don’t look like they’re meant to hold a camera at all. It’s worth finding which style suits you best in addition to what meets your technical needs. A bag that doesn’t work well with you will only be frustrating to work with, regardless of how good it is.

Whatever type of gear bag you end up with, be sure that it’s built to last. After all, you’ll likely be hauling around several hundred dollars worth of equipment around in it on a regular basis. Cheap bags can be tempting, but it’s worth it to invest a little extra into a product that you’ll get five to ten years out of instead of something you’ll replace in less than one.

With that in mind, here’s our roundup of the best camera bags for photographers.

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Person pulling camera out of Peak Design bag
Peak Design



Durable design to stand up to everyday use

Doesn’t fit as much as other camera bags

Weatherproofing to keep gear dry

Moderate price point makes it more affordable than other bags like this

Sleek, minimal design

The Peak Design Everyday Totepack is an excellent all-rounder if you’re looking for a simple go-to camera pack for your everyday carry. It’s designed with external cords that fasten a cover if you’re trekking through stormy weather, is made from sturdy recycled canvas, and has a weatherproof top closure.

The included insert can also be arranged into multiple configurations to fit your gear. So whether you shoot mirrorless or DSLR, you’ll be able to carry a camera body plus a few lenses. The amount of space you get is well-suited for most shooters, as you can fit three lenses total (two plus one attached to the body). If you’re heading on a backpacking trip or a shoot that requires more complicated gear, however, you’ll want to reach for something with more room.

Peak Design’s pack is also one of the few camera bags that doesn’t look like a camera bag, so it can easily double as a commuter companion or day pack. That comes in handy both in terms of style and practicality—camera bags that look the part can broadcast to thieves that you’re carrying expensive gear. For an everyday carry, the minimal design of the Totepack is perfect.

peak design totebag
Peak Design Everyday Totepack

Best Camera Bag Overall

Peak Design’s Everyday Totepack is a well-designed and stylish camera bag you can take anywhere.

Person using street slim backpack



High value for the price

Fabric doesn’t appear to be as durable as pricier options

Lots of little pockets for extras

No way to access your camera while wearing the bag

Removable packing cube included

Slim profile and nice styling

A compact bag from a known manufacturer of quality camera gear, the Manfrotto Street Slim Backpack can fit a ton of gear and still keep a slim outline. That makes it particularly good for walking around the city, lightweight shoots, or a budget everyday carry bag.

Street photographers out for a long day of shooting would get some miles out of this bag, as it can hold both your gear and extras like a laptop, memory cards, and some snacks. There’s even room to fit a strobe light for studio shoots.

The styling on this bag is understated, though it does still have some Manfrotto branding, and it comes in multiple colors. The fabric might not hold up as well as more ruggedly-designed, expensive alternatives, but it’s fine for a simple everyday carry bag.

A packing cube is included specifically for holding camera gear, which you can remove to make this a regular backpack. There aren’t any access points to your camera while you’re still wearing the bag, but it does have roomy side pockets and a luggage pass-through as a reasonable trade-off.

All in all, this is a solid choice for a photographer on a budget.

manfrotto street camera backpack
Manfrotto Street Slim Backpack

Best Budget Camera Bag

A budget camera bag from a respected manufacturer with many of the same features as pricier options.

person taking camera out of protactic



Lots of space for gear

Some might not like the tactical look

Rearrangeable dividers are included

Protective padding and hard plastic for safeguarding your stuff

Comes with a dedicated tripod holder

Lowepro is a manufacturer that’s been around for years and developed a reputation for great products. If you’re not worried about your camera bag looking like a camera bag, the Lowepro ProTactic 450 AW II is among the best options out there.

This bag is durable, can fit gear from DSLR bodies to drones, and is padded for comfort. Bags like the ProTactic get flack in some circles for their militaristic look, but if that’s the style you’re into, this bag delivers.

The ProTactic 450 includes a weatherproof cover for added protection on outdoor shoots. Hard EVA plastic and padding provide some shock absorption and also give the bag that “turtle-shell/tactical” look that people either love or hate.

You’ll also get interior dividers that can be repositioned depending on what you’re carrying that day and a handy tripod holder. All that adds up to a bag that traveling photographers love to use as an all-rounder.

lowepro camera backpack
Lowepro ProTactic 450 AW II

Best Camera Backpack

$200 $236 Save $36

A hardy, roomy, and relatively inexpensive camera bag you can carry in more rugged terrain.

Thule Aspect DSLR Camera Bag Backpack on pink background



Spacious interior with dedicated DSLR pocket

Some may find the bag too heavy (3.2 lbs)

Well-padded compartments

Storage dividers can be finicky

Durable, water-resistant nylon material

Tripod storage possible via side panel

Padded, removable hip belt for comfort

Thule’s Aspect DSLR backpack is a durable, water-resistant nylon bag perfect for frequent travelers. A dedicated side zipper entry lets you easily access your DSLR camera and multiple accessories. This compartment is well-padded, so you don’t have to worry about damage to your camera gear during a hike or a bumpy car ride.

Another padded zipper pocket at the back of the bag can hold a 15.6-inch laptop and a tablet, and a quick-access pocket in front can hold snacks and other small items. The main compartment is large enough to hold a few days’ worth of clothes, and a side pocket and strap can easily accommodate a tripod.

With how much this backpack can hold and its base weight of 3.2 pounds, it can get heavy quickly, but the padded, removable hip belt helps evenly distribute weight and make the journey more comfortable. On each side of the hip belt, there are small zippered pockets, making it easy to grab a snack or store a lens cap without taking the entire backpack off.

thule aspect dslr backpack
Thule Aspect DSLR Backpack

Best Camera Bag for Travel

$170 $180 Save $10

The perfect travel companion for photographers, with a padded hip belt for comfortable long-term wear and multiple padded compartments inside.

WANDRD rogue 9l sling on person's back



Plenty of storage space and pockets

Some say the strap doesn’t have enough padding

High-quality, weather-resistant material

Can hold a tripod and a laptop (with compatible laptop case)

The ROGUE 9L Sling from WANDRD is a versatile camera bag that can be carried as a traditional sling bag, a messenger bag, or a waist bag. WANDRD’s 5-point adjustment system makes these different carrying styles possible, so it’s easy to personalize the fit to your body type and preference.

This bag features a smooth nylon material with 5PM coating and YKK zippers, making the ROGUE 9L Sling the perfect weather-resistant companion for rainy-day shoots. Inside, two removable dividers make it easy to customize how the bag fits all your gear. You can easily fit a camera and multiple lenses inside the 9L Sling, but WANDRD offers a 3L Sling and a 6L Sling if you typically travel lighter.

Both the 9L and 6L Sling bags feature an expandable pocket at the bottom to hold a travel tripod or a water bottle. Then, using WANDRD’s unique laptop case, you can pack up your laptop and attach it to the ROGUE Sling bag. This compact sling bag holds everything you need, and it’s comfortable to wear during long photo sessions.

WANDRD Rogue 9L Sling

Best Camera Sling Bag

This weather-resistant sling bag can be worn multiple ways, features removable dividers, and comes in many fun color schemes.

megagear torres mini leather camera bag on bench



Made with gorgeous, high-quality Italian leather

Not suitable for larger cameras or heavy packers

Spacious enough for a camera and a few accessories

Not a good weather-resistant option

Multiple color choices

Comfortable to wear for long periods

If you’re after a camera bag that’s functional and stylish, check out the Torres Mini from MegaGear. Made with exquisite, high-quality Italian leather, this bag will last for years and turn heads every time you go out to snap photos.

The Torres Mini can accommodate small mirrorless and DSLR cameras, along with one to two lenses or other camera accessories. There are also small pockets on the sides and front of the bag to hold a little notebook and pen, business cards, or other thin, flat items. The bag’s interior features a shock-resistant lining to help protect your expensive camera and removable inserts to customize how your camera gear fits inside.

MegaGear’s Torres Mini bag is a crossbody, which makes it a convenient option for walking photo shoots. You can easily access your camera gear without needing to take the bag off. However, because it’s made with leather, you’ll want to avoid using this bag during wet-weather days.

MegaGear Torres Mini camera bag
MegaGear Torres Mini

Best Leather Camera Bag

$87 $100 Save $13

The stylish Torres Mini from MegaGear is made with genuine Italian leather and features just enough space for a DSLR camera and a few accessories.


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