T-Mobile Go5G Plans Now Have Hulu for Free, With a Catch

Streaming services are increasingly turning to bundle deals as a way to boost their subscriber numbers, and mobile carriers are eager to oblige. This time, T-Mobile is adding Hulu access to its Go5G Next phone plan, which already includes Apple TV+ and Netflix.

T-Mobile announced today that Hulu With Ads, which normally costs $7.99 per month or $80 per year, is now included with Go5G Next plans. The same plan already includes access to Apple TV+ and (if you have at least two lines) Netflix, as well as free season-long subscriptions to MLB.TV each year. Granted, you’re not getting ad-free Hulu, but it’s still better than nothing.

As you might expect with any carrier promotion, there are a lot of catches. The free Hulu access is only officially available to people on a Go5G Next plan, though some older plans that already have full Netflix access may also get it. That plan starts at $100 per month, which is a lot of money. You also have to remember to renew the free offer (presumably through the T-Mobile app) after 12 months, otherwise the subscription will automatically renew at $7.99 per month or whatever the regular monthly price is at that point. Yes, even if you are still a T-Mobile customer a year from now with the same plan and the offer is still available, Hulu will charge you if you forget to renew it.

The deal might be great for existing Go5G Next subscribers, but if you’re considering switching your entire phone plan just for the included streaming offers, there are probably cheaper alternatives. Disney already offers Hulu in various bundles with Disney+ and ESPN+, including some that have Hulu without ads. Hulu with ads by itself is $80 per year when billed anually, which works out to be around $7 per month. It could very well be cheaper to just pay for the streaming services you want individually, paired with a less expensive phone plan with fewer built-in benefits.

The included Hulu benefit will be available to T-Mobile Go5G Next subscribers starting January 24. Again, anyone who redeems it will have to remember to grab the deal again in a year.

Source: T-Mobile


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