Secretlab TITAN Evo SoftWeave Plus XL Review: A Throne Fit for Gaming Royalty

Key Takeaways

  • The Secretlab TITAN Evo SoftWeave Plus is a premium, luxurious gaming chair that prioritizes user comfort and style.
  • The chair features high-quality construction, with durable fabric and four points of simple adjustment for maximum comfort.
  • While the chair is expensive, it offers a level of quality and comfort that exceeds other gaming chairs on the market.

Gaming chairs tend to put quality behind marketing, with many options being overpriced, uncomfortable, and flimsy. If that’s the standard mold, then Secretlab demolished it with the TITAN Evo SoftWeave Plus, a luxurious chair that rectifies many common issues with premium materials and sturdy construction—though it’s still incredibly costly.

Secretlab TITAN Evo SoftWeave Plus
Secretlab TITAN Evo SoftWeave Plus

Secretlab’s TITAN Evo SoftWeave Plus is a luxurious gaming chair featuring premium construction, multiple points of adjustment, and a soft-to-the-touch fabric that enhances every gaming experience.

Upholstery Material
SoftWeave Plus fabric

Charcoal Blue, Soda Purple, Black, Cookies & Cream, Arctic White, Plush Pink, Frost Blue, Mint Green

Lumbar, Armrests, Multi-tilt, Recline


Chair Weight Capacity
395 lbs

Chair Height Recommendation
5 ft 11 in to 6 ft 9 in

Lumbar Support
4-way L-ADAPT support

Back Dimensions
32.3 x 20 in

Headrest pillow

Backrest Recline
165 degrees

Seatbase Width
17.7 in

Seat Depth
18.9 in

Armrest Height
26 in to 31.9 in

Floor to Seatbase
17.7 in to 20.5 in

  • Evenly distributes weight
  • Comfortable and very durable fabric
  • Premium, high-quality construction
  • Minimizes pain at common pressure points
  • Some levers and buttons can stick
  • Cumbersome to assemble

Assembly Is a Two-Person Job

I wasn’t prepared for how heavy and cumbersome the TITAN Evo was going to be. I’ve put together my fair share of office furniture without an additional pair of hands, the most recent being the vastly different Autonomous ErgoChair Plus, but the TITAN Evo almost had me calling in reinforcements. Before I could get a feel for the assembly process, though, I had to unpack a box full of high-quality packing, like the thick plastic protecting the fabric components and the neatly packed tools.

Secretlab TITAN Evo SoftWeave Plus protected in packing material
Mark LoProto / How-To Geek

I opted for the XL version, which weighs 82.7 pounds and supports 175 to 395 pounds, and 5 feet 11 inches to 6 feet 9 inches. Compared to the 30-pound Autonomous and 50-pound E-WIN Champion Series chairs I previously owned, assembling the TITAN Evo was a little more difficult. Granted, that’s also why two hands are recommended by the manufacturer.

While the TITAN Evo may be heftier than other gaming chairs, making assembly a little more taxing, the difference in the quality of materials used between a brand like E-WIN and Secretlab is immediately evident. In all the expected places previous chairs have wiggled and wobbled, specifically the armrests, the TITAN Evo offers very little give unless you actively engage one of its many adjustments.

Whereas so many gaming chairs on the market feel rickety in some way, Secretlab’s is more like some of the best office chairs I’ve owned. It’s solid and understands that you’ll be sitting in it for hours at a time. It may be aesthetically pleasing, but its style doesn’t take away from its function.

Sizing Down Is an Option, but the Bigger Seat is Nice

Though I fall closer to the middle of the chair’s recommended weight range, I still feel small for the TITAN Evo XL. The seat measures 19.3 inches wide and 19.7 inches deep, with a minimum distance of 27.4 inches between each armrest. I probably could have sized down to a Regular, but I quite like having more room to move.

Unlike lower-priced gaming chairs you may find on Amazon, the TITAN Evo isn’t caught up in that sleek, racing-style look that has flared wings on the seat. As someone who tends to sit on one leg, which puts a little more weight on one edge of the chair, those wings are always the first thing to fail. That doesn’t seem to be a concern with the TITAN Evo seat, which has less dramatic wings that encourage you to move to remain comfortable.

SoftWeave is a Pet Parent’s Dream Fabric

Secretlab TITAN Evo SoftWeave seat and fabric closeup
Mark LoProto / How-To Geek

At first glance, the SoftWeave Plus fabric, which was inspired by the breathability of activewear, looks stiff, scratchy, and uncomfortable. Surprisingly, that’s not at all how it feels. It’s strange because the fabric is both firm and soft, incredibly durable but malleable, and always cool to the touch.

I’ve primarily sat in thermoplastic elastomer and leatherette chairs, figuring fabric would be the least comfortable and most short-lived of all materials, but Secretlab proved me quite wrong. I’ve been using the chair for about eight hours each day for a little over a month, and there isn’t a sign of use anywhere on the fabric. Even the thermoplastic elastomer showed small scuff marks where a zipper may have hit or worn on the armrest where my elbows dug in.

The SoftWeave is resistant, but what shocks me most is how it has stood up to my cat so far. Despite having a scratching post, to my horror, I’ve caught my orange fluff marking the back of the TITAN Evo with his paws. While he’s since stopped, a close inspection of the SoftWeave Plus fabric shows absolutely no sign of pulls, rips, or tears.

The same can’t be said about the leatherette E-Win chair or even the thick fabric of my sofa, which both show signs of the vicious destruction of a cat. I also don’t know what sorcery Secretlab used, but the SoftWeave doesn’t retain cat hair. If any accumulates, it takes one pass of the lint brush to clean it, which is unheard of.

Maximizing Comfort With Few Hitches

Secretlab TITAN Evo SoftWeave Recline
Mark LoProto / How-To Geek

Of course, none of my praise matters if the chair isn’t comfortable or is otherwise cheaply built. Neither is a concern with the TITAN Evo chair, however, and I’m actually quite impressed with how comfortable it is. The chair I used before the TITAN, the Autonomous ErgoChair Plus, was simple and focused on ergonomics and the contours of the human body. Secretlab may seem to put style over comfort, but that’s far from the case. I find it to be similar in comfort to Autonomus’ surprisingly pleasant thermoplastic chair.

From the ergonomic backrest with a 165-degree recline to the less drastic lean back, the TITAN Evo was supportive in practically every position I wanted to be in. Even when sitting straight up, I felt better supported than in most chairs thanks to TITAN’s cold-cure foam, which distributes weight evenly and reduces pressure to alleviate common pains in the tailbone and back. I’ve yet to stand up and feel the pain I get even from just sitting in my car for too long.

Secretlab TITAN Evo SoftWeave Premium Materials
Mark LoProto / How-To Geek

One of my favorite features is the padded armrests. Magnetized to allow for customization, the pads have just enough give. Each rest also has four points of adjustment, including angling the pad, raising or lowering it, shifting it sideways, or adjusting it forward or back. Thankfully, every adjustment has a button release to prevent unwanted movement, which is surprisingly not the case with every gaming chair.

Minor Design Issues Won’t Ruin the Experience

I think universally across every chair I’ve ever owned, I’ve had issues with the levers and buttons used to adjust all aspects of the chair. While the controls are a little better with the TITAN Evo, there’s still some stiffness with the back angle lever. The hydraulic adjustment lever can also be pulled off its track easily.

Otherwise, I like the choices made, like the dual dials on either side of the chair back that adjust the four-way lumbar support.

Should You Buy the Secretlab TITAN Evo SoftWeave Plus?

Without a doubt, Secretlab’s TITAN Evo SoftWeave Plus chair is one of my favorites so far. However, around $600 for a chair can be a tough pill to swallow. I think the construction and material make it a worthwhile purchase, and this will be my chair of choice for quite some time. There’s a durability and comfort that isn’t replicated often, and the SoftWeave Plus fabric is so nice that I wish my couch were the same material.

If you’re weary of gaming chairs—and there’s good reason to be—note that this isn’t your average gaming chair. Its premium construction and luxury feel go beyond any of the leatherette, flimsy options I’ve seen peddled on Amazon. From the moment you open the box to your first time sitting in it, you get a sense of the quality and care that went into bringing the TITAN Evo to market.

If you can overcome the cost, you’ll benefit from a durable, sturdy, comfortable, and attractive chair that you won’t want to replace anytime soon.

Secretlab TITAN Evo SoftWeave Plus
Secretlab TITAN Evo SoftWeave Plus

Secretlab’s TITAN Evo SoftWeave Plus is a luxurious gaming chair featuring premium construction, multiple points of adjustment, and a soft-to-the-touch fabric that enhances every gaming experience.


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