Proton Mail and Calendar Just Gained 38 New Improvements

The new features and improvements are based on user requests.

Members of the “Proton community” should pat themselves on the back. Proton (perhaps still best known for its VPN) has updated its Mail and Calendar services with 38 new improvements, all of which were sourced from user requests and complaints.

Today’s update doesn’t introduce any groundbreaking new features. Instead, Proton has addressed a long list of customers’ requests. The company dug through forum posts and support tickets, took note of what customers wanted, and managed to complete 38 of the most requested changes. Still, Proton says that it’s only tackled 75% of its list, so we’re sure to see additional improvements in the coming months.

Here are some of the most interesting changes to Proton Mail and Calendar:

  • Proton Mail:
    • Hide all emails that do not contain attachments with the new “has file” filter.
    • Spam and trash emails are now excluded from the All Mail folder.
    • You can now rearrange sidebar folders.
    • Web users can now search emails by content.
    • An unread email counter now appears in the Proton Mail tab on web.
    • Messages can be scheduled up to three months in advance.
    • The Proton Mail Export Tool makes it easier to export emails.
    • Proton Mail Bridge, which adds E2EE to third-party mail clients, is easier to use on macOS.
    • A new Android app, rebuilt for stability, is available in beta.
  • Proton Calendar
    • Faster speeds for web and iOS users.
    • You can now see public holidays in Proton Calendar.
    • Calendar events can be imported or accepted with invalid ICS or alarm data.
    • It’s easier to see the addresses of events’ participants.

If you want to see all of the new improvements to Proton Mail and Calendar, check out the Proton blog. The company’s blog also lists some upcoming improvements, such as email notification snoozing.

Interestingly, Proton plans to publish a Proton Mail and Calendar product roadmap in early 2024. This roadmap will contain a year’s worth of upcoming changes and big new features. Note that Proton previously debuted its Proton Pass roadmap in August 2023.

As always, Proton Mail and Calendar are free to use with some limitations. If you’re currently using Proton Mail or Calendar for free, consider upgrading to a premium subscription during the Proton holiday sale, which ends December 4th.

Source: Proton


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