More evidence mounts to a new Steam release for Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition soon – RockstarINTEL

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition appears to be heading its way to Steam shortly after the title was only available to purchase exclusively through the Rockstar Games Launcher since its initial release.
A surprise patch 1.04.5 appeared on Tuesday, 18th October with little to no visible changes, despite this we took a look inside the game files to understand what files were altered through the update considering the update was relatively large in size on most platforms, unfortunately we can report the update modified a very few files with no such delta patching in force, thus forcing all game clients on all platforms to re-download all the game package files.
After we’ve taken a deep look into patch 1.04.5, we’ve learned that Rockstar Games added Steam support within a file configuration engine container, with full support for Steam achievements and including a current private ‘SteamID’ for each individual game depot on the Steam database.
As the last update shipped out, over the last few days we’ve caught a few hidden ‘changelist’ updates across all three titles on the Steam database thanks to the courtesy of SteamDB that enables everyone to track all sorts of updates from developers and by Valve themselves. Since then, on 31st October all private apps on Steam have received five new changes across their private Steam database depots suggesting a Steam release is possibly near alongside a new patch.
It’s worth mentioning Take-Two Interactive plans to report its second-quarter results next Monday, we could possibly see such an announcement for a Steam release as the investor conference approaches in the coming days. Take-Two announced during the last conference call the company had pushed back the Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy’s release for iOS and Android devices into the first half of 2023.
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What the heck is a “file engine container”? Do you mean “engine configuration file”?
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