Microsoft’s New "Vapor" Xbox Controllers Look Great (And Work With PC)

Xbox controllers are great. Not only are they the best choice for an Xbox console, they also happen to work great on many other gaming platforms, whether that’s your phone, your PC, or even other other consoles with the use of unofficial adapters. Microsoft also likes to release them in several different colorways. These new options, however, are perhaps among the best-looking ones if you’re not completely convinced by previous designs.

Microsoft has unveiled its latest collection of Xbox controllers, which the company is currently dubbing the “Vapor series.” As you might have been able to notice by looking at the photos, the controllers come with a smoke/marble-like swirl pattern on top. Each controller in the Vapor series features a unique dynamic pattern on the top case, offering users a personalized and textured look, so in theory, no two controllers should look alike, even if they have the same colorway. The collection includes six top case options with various swirling color patterns, such as the Electric Vapor merging Electric Volt and Velocity Green, the Nocturnal Vapor with Dark Green and Grey swirls, and the Fire Vapor displaying a fiery red and orange swirl. The Cyber Vapor showcases pink and purple swirls, while the Dream Vapor top case features soft pink and soft purple swirls.


After choosing a Vapor top case, you can further personalize your controller by selecting button and thumbstick styles, metallic triggers, D-pads, rubberized grips, and adding a personalized engraving. The Dream Vapor is a special edition version of the range with a pink and purple top case, extending the design to soft pink thumbsticks, bumpers, triggers, and hybrid D-pad. Unique features include purple rubberized side grips and soft pink ABXY buttons with purple accents, as well as a personalized Dynamic Background for your console’s UI.

The Vapor Series is now available on Xbox Design Lab, with all of the customization features we’ve mentioned. You can also pre-order the Dream Vapor controller on Microsoft’s website for $69.99, and it should show up at other retailers in the near future. That’s a bit more expesnsive than regular Xbox Series X/S controllers.

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