Microsoft Copilot Is Bing Chat, Without the Bing

Bing Chat was released earlier this year as a ChatGPT-powered AI chatbot with access to the internet. It’s available in Microsoft Edge, the Bing website, Skype, and a few other places. Now, Microsoft is rolling out a slightly different version in the web browser: Microsoft Copilot.

If Microsoft Copilot sounds familiar, it’s because Microsoft is using that same name for most of its generative AI services: Microsoft 365 Copilot in Word and other Office apps, GitHub Copilot in Visual Studio Code, and so on. The company has now released yet another service called Copilot, accessible from in your web browser. It’s replacing Bing Chat Enterprise, and there are some additional features for people using a corporate-managed Microsoft account.

The new Microsoft Copilot site is almost identical to Bing Chat, and just like Bing Chat, it will search the web for some questions and give you sources for most answers. There are also still buttons for switching between More Creative, More Balanced, and More Precise. The main difference is that it’s not a page on the Bing site, and scrolling down won’t switch to traditional Bing search results. If you’re like me and kept accidentally switching to Bing search results when scrolling up and down in conversations, Copilot is much less frustrating.

Microsoft is also working on support for GPTs created in ChatGPT, as well as ChatGPT plugins, but those don’t work yet on the website. The company said in a blog post, “to help Copilot be even more powerful, versatile, and creative, we’re announcing support for OpenAI GPTs. GPTs are a new way for anyone to create a tailored version of Copilot for specific tasks. Combined with the previously announced support of OpenAI schema plugins, GPTs and plugins will open a new opportunity across citizen and professional developers, and provide users with experiences and interactions tailored to meet their needs.”

You can try Copilot in your browser from, but it seems to have the same browser restrictions as Bing Chat. It works in Microsoft Edge and seems to load in Google Chrome, but other browsers like Apple’s Safari are completely blocked. Thanks, Microsoft.

Source: Microsoft Bing Blog


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