JBL's New Over-Ear Headphones Fit Every Price Range

JBL sells a lot of different audio products, from stereo and surround speakers built for your living room to small portable Bluetooth speakers perfect for indoor and outdoor use. The company also makes headphones and earbuds, such as the new JBL Live 3 earbuds series which was just announced at CES 2024. The company also unveiled its latest range of Live and Tune over-ear headphones.

JBL is set to unveil six upgraded headphone models at CES 2024, targeting individuals with active lifestyles who prioritize uninterrupted access to high-quality audio and streaming. The new models, spanning the Tune and Live series, boast enhanced features like extended battery life, Bluetooth 5.3 capabilities, EQ customization tools, and Adaptive and True Adaptive Noise Cancelling technologies.

There are a lot of models, but there’s something for everyone in here. Starting with the Tune series, the JBL Tune 520BT wireless on-ear headphones, priced at $49.95, stand out for their lightweight design, fold-flat feature for easy storage, and impressive battery life of up to 57 hours. The JBL Tune 670NC Adaptive Noise Cancelling wireless on-ear headphones, priced at $99.95, boast a prolonged battery life of up to 70 hours and seamless connectivity to two Bluetooth devices simultaneously.

The JBL Tune 720BT wireless over-ear headphones, priced at $79.95, promise up to 76 hours of battery life, with convenient earcup buttons for volume control and call management. The top-tier JBL Tune 770NC Adaptive Noise Cancelling wireless over-ear headphones, priced at $129.95, are the best of the crop with additions such as 40mm drivers to what the 670NC already offered.

Then we have the Live series, with the JBL Live 670NC and the JBL Live 770NC coming with advanced features such as true ANC and JBL’s Spatial Audio solution that will help you feel as immersed as possible in what you’re currently listening to. The 670NC starts at $129.95, while the 770NC is the most expensive at $199.95.

All of these headphones will be going on sale starting in March 2024 at the price points we’ve mentioned, so you’ll have to keep an eye on JBL’s website for more information.

Source: JBL


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