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Although it is not traditionally available on the platform, players can actually play Genshin Impact on Steam, through one of two possible methods.
Genshin Impact is not downloadable on Steam, but it is possible to run the title’s software through the gaming platform. On PC, the action RPG created by developer HoYoverse can be downloaded by two distinct sources: either through a direct client download via the game’s website or through the Epic Games Store, on which it is available. Those who play Genshin Impact, normally do so through these methods, or choose PlayStation or mobile as their preferred platform.
Despite the limited access to the game on PC, it is possible to actually play Genshin Impact on Steam, provided that players follow a few steps to adequately set it up. There are, in fact, two distinct methods of making Genshin Impact work on Steam, and they are directly related to the two download methods available for the game on the platform.
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The first path players can follow to make Genshin Impact run on Steam is by downloading the game via its client. This means heading over to the official Genshin Impact website and clicking on the “PC Download option”. This will download a small client. By installing it, players will be able to access Genshin Impact’s client page. On it, there will be an option to download the game. With Genshin Impact downloaded and duly updated, the next step is to open the Steam client.
Within Steam, players will need to locate the “Games” button in the top left corner of the client to start the process. By clicking on the aforementioned button, players will be prompted with a small list of options, and they should choose “Add a Non-Steam Game To My Library.” This will open up a small window with multiple executable programs. Players should locate Genshin Impact’s .exe file within it, select it, and add it. This should conclude the process. In summary, players will want to execute the following steps to add Genshin Impact to Steam:
When players run the game through Steam after completing the described process, the title’s client will open normally, allowing Genshin Impact to be updated or executed.
Another viable method of playing Genshin Impact on Steam is by adding the Epic Games launcher to the platform’s library. The process here involves downloading the game via the Epic Games launcher and then using the “Add a Non-Steam Game To My Library” function to add Epic Games to the Steam Library.
Once this is done, players will run Epic Games via Steam and, subsequently, run Genshin Impact on it. For those who are familiar, this is similar to the method of playing Fortnite on Steam, which allows players to use a gamepad since Epic Games does not have direct support for controllers.
There is no great advantage in adding the game to the platform other than organization and practicality, in case Steam is open most part of the time. Otherwise, it just adds another click to the process before executing the program. The requirements for Genshin Impact on the new platform are the same, so there is no need for an upgrade of any kind in case it already works on the PC. Adding Genshin Impact to Steam does not enable any Steam achievements, and is merely a new way of starting the game.
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