Dish’s New Cell Plan Gives You a New Galaxy Phone Every Year

It usually doesn’t make sense to upgrade smartphones every year, especially when you’re just jumping to the next iteration of your current phone. There are some ways to do it that cut down on the cost, though, and Dish has now introduced a plan that gives you cell service and easy upgrades for Galaxy phones.

Dish’s Boost Infinite carrier has just launched Infinite Access for Galaxy, a monthly subscription that will not only give you a free Samsung Galaxy smartphone attached to a line, but it will also give you a free upgrade to whatever’s the latest Samsung Galaxy smartphone when the time comes. After 12 consecutive payments, you’ll be eligible for a free upgrade to the most recently released Samsung smartphone after returning your old phone in “good working order.” Apple has a similar iPhone Upgrade Program, though that doesn’t include cell service.

The subscription will be available at a $60/month introductory price point, a price that will vary depending on what phone you want and how much storage you need. It’s also an “introductory” price, we should note, which means that Dish might choose to increase it down the road. The plan is otherwise identical to Boost’s Infinite Unlimited+ plan, which costs $50 per month and currently offers a free iPhone 15 with eligable trade-in devices.

Like other similar hardware subscriptions we’ve seen, this is pretty much just a disguised financing agreement with the added convenience that you’ll just be able to swap your hardware after making payments for a year, then keep the same subscription going. It’s also provided by a carrier, which means the phones are attached to a line. In this case, the line it comes with gives you free texting, calling, and data through Dish’s in-development network. The announcement doesn’t make it immediately clear whether this needs a credit check, although chances are that it will.

If you want to give this a spin, make sure to check out all the details on Boost Infinite’s website, although we’d probably wait until the new Samsung Galaxy S24 range lands in store shelves when it’s announced.

Source: Dish


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