Capcom Reveals Monster Hunter Wilds at The Game Awards 2023

The Game Awards 2023 might be nearing an end, after many big reveals, but it wasn’t going without a bang, as one final reveal for the event was shown off. The reveal turned out to be the next entry in Capcom’s highly popular Monster Hunter series, and is called Monster Hunter Wilds.

Appearing to build on the work and stylings of Monster Hunter World, the Monster Hunter Wilds trailer opens showing us the creatures living in the wild of the world, when a hunter riding an animal comes storming in running from a sand avalanche.

The new animal shown as a companion we see later in the trailer has the ability to at the very least glide, continuing the recent Monster Hunter title’s trend of introducing new high mobility options in each game.

As the hunter lands, they are able to see a wide-open world, promising a return to the large open regions that were part of Monster Hunter World, and had to be scaled back for Monster Hunter Rise due to technical constraints.

The number of creatures shown is also more than seen at any one time in either game, as befits the first next-generation title in the series.

It will be a while longer till we learn more about Monster Hunter Wilds with Capcom saying that they will share more about it in the summer of 2024. This will be part of a build-up to its release that is currently set for 2025, on PC, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5.

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