Acer’s New Aspire Laptops Have Intel Core Ultra 7 Cpus & Wi-Fi 7

Acer’s laptops are probably some of the best your money can buy. They are sufficiently powerful, and yet, they manage to strike a price-to-performance ratio not a lot of other manufacterors can reach. Now, Acer has just announced a bunch of new laptops to start 2024 off on the right foot, including a refresh to the Acer Aspire range.

Acer has unveiled its latest laptops in the Aspire lineup. The Aspire Vero 16 (which Acer is labeling as an “AI PC,” apparently) is powered by the newest Intel Core Ultra 7 processors, offering the power and new features that come with Intel’s latest range of chips. It also has a 16-inch 16:10 display, Wi-Fi 7 compatibility, and up to 10.5 hours of battery life, so it should make for a great laptop for everything from basic browsing to more heavy productivity work and light gaming.


Acer is also upgrading the Aspire Go laptop range with new 15.6 and 14-inch models, catering to everyday users with various processor and display options. The Aspire Go 14, in particular, is available with Intel Core i3 N-Series or AMD Ryzen 7000 Series processors, so regardless of whether you’re a team blue or team red kind of person, there should still be a (cheap) option here for you.

Acer is also extending its SpatialLabs stereoscopic 3D lineup to the Aspire line of laptops with the Aspire 3D 15 SpatialLabs Edition. This laptop is powered by an Intel Core i7-13620H processor and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4050 Laptop GPUs, making it great for all kinds of creative uses (and gaming, probably). The incorporation of SpatialLabs applications and AI-powered features enhances 3D viewing and content creation without the need for specialized glasses.

Aspire 3D 15 SpatialLabs A3D15-71GM_drone

The Aspire Vero 16 is expected to be available in April, starting at $749.99. The Aspire Go 15 is set to hit store shelves in February, starting at $249.99, with the Aspire Go 14 going on sale in March, with prices starting at $249.99 for the Intel version and $379.99 for the AMD model. Lastly, the Aspire 3D 15 SpatialLabs Edition is set to hit North America in February, starting at $1,399.99. Keep an eye out at your retailer of choice if you wish to buy any of these laptops.

Source: Acer


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